Will Crown Molding Increase The Value Of My Home?

What is crown molding?

Crown molding falls under a large category of moldings that are typically installed where the ceiling meets the wall. These decorative, and easy to install moldings can quickly change your room from bland and boring to sophisticated and tasteful.

Yes! Crown molding ‘can’ increase the value of your home

While not the end-all solution for drastically increasing the value of your home, crown moldings are a reasonable way to improve your home when done properly. Crown molding is a relatively inexpensive investment that can greatly improve the look and feel of your home or property. With that in mind, read on to figure out you can painless improve the look and feel of your home, while also increasing its value.

Not all crown molding is the same
Quality is an important factor when it comes to installing beautiful and long-lasting crown molding in your home. A knowledgeable realtor/home-buyer will be able to spot the difference between cheap crown molding picked up from your local home improvement store, and professional-grade, high-quality crown molding.

Proper installation is an important factor
We’ve all had it where we got home and attempted to put something together it didn’t turn out as we had imagined. Maybe it’s a little crooked or a tad off-centered. When it comes to crown molding installation, anything less than professional, it will not add any value to your home.

In conclusion, it is important to select a good quality of crown molding for your home and have it installed professionally. This will add value to your home and increase its value.

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